^ Ir Arriba

One time I saw a hole. I was with my two friends. Later I saw a flower and said I want that flower from the hole.
I tried to get it but later I tripped and fell to the city of Kitra. I got up and this young child came to me. She told me that she was 32 years old and was in the city of Kitra. I thought she was 8!

I found this big weird houses that sometimes looked like animals with big eyes, or also a person with spiky hair. My two friends were screaming and later the hole closed.

I enjoyed the city of Kitra. All the people were friendly. I went ot houses, and stores. The food was good. The food that I saw was called the Hypollogic masiteria to make you smart, Sacritirian nicimias to make you nice, Cautisacuca, masatrash and chapaletoc fortasemo. The drinks were very good. I will tell you the names of the drinks I drank, Sapastrapaleberry, Casamatecosa, Kikamaleti, Pickleberry, Blackenteonberry, and Sucamecpachatepletanagueri. They were surely weird names.

It was time to go home. A girl next to the hole that was there told me the words to go home, they were 
Sucapabrasmesicamihome. Later I landed home and I told my adventure to my family and friends.