30+ Virtual Field Trips for Kids

Stuck at Home? Here are 30+ great Virtual Field Trips for early learners to explore from your home on your couch. From zoos and landmarks to famous museums, you can explore the world with your child with over a month of virtual field trips!

View inside White House as part of Virtual Tour of the White House

One thing that the recent global quarantine has made us all realize very clearly is that we’re all part of one earth. We all have many commonalities and many things that are unique to where we live.

As we are at home, working from home and spending more time with the kids, I’d love to suggest we spend a little more time exploring this amazing planet that we’ve been gifted to during our lifetime.

Google Earth is such an amazing tool to use with your child to encourage them to explore the world. You can be at home on your sofa or at our desk and transport to anywhere on the earth.

Where would you want to go?

With your child start with where you live. Then go to their school and where you shop near you and then find where family and friends live. Next, explore some of their favorite spots you’ve vacationed and now it’s time to explore where you’ve never been. But where do you start?

Let’s start by exploring some amazing popular travel destinations that also happen to have webcams for you to step inside and explore.

Google’s Art and Culture is a great resource to kick start your global search too. Did you know that Google’s “World Wonders” project offers virtual tours of 132 famous sites? So many amazing virtual tours of museums for kids!!


30 Virtual Field Trips for Kids

I’ve put together a collection of locations for virtual field trips that I believe as a teacher and a mom that are appropriate for the kid to watch online. I’d encourage you though to talk about these locations as a family. You can track your virtual tours with our Printable Virtual Field Trip Log!

Perhaps start working on a travel bucket list together and a virtual travel bucket list. That way your child can make their own itinerary too.

Where do you think your child wants to go to?

Animal Virtual Tours for Kid

Here’s a list of all the zoos with webcams to explore.

For a little movement, try this zoo themed yoga

US History Virtual Tours

Create your own Living History Museum at home after your virtual tour!

US Landmarks Virtual Tours

US National Parks Virtual Tours

Find Your Virtual Park – Connect with national parks from a distance through digital opportunities and activities to do in your own home or neighborhood.

Museum Virtual Tours

Coloring Pages From Over 100 Museums

Virtual Tours Around the World

Recreate a famous landmark with math, art and sidewalk chalk

Virtual Tours of Space

Live Webcams Around the World

Yosemite and National Zoo images featured Virtual Field Trips for Kids

Virtual Field Trip Activities for Home

Looking for ways to expand the virtual tour?

Once you’ve viewed one of the Virtual tours, you can…

  • Write up about what you learned
  • Draw a picture of your favorite part
  • Create a version with legos, building blocks or playdough
  • Find a book online to learn more about the location
  • Create a themed craft based on where you took a virtual tour
  • Recreate it with sidewalk chalk
  • Cook a dish from that region


Virtual Field Trip Log for Kids Printable on wooden floor with pencil, toy spaceship and globe.


There are so many amazing resources to explore virtually to learn about our amazing planet and the treasures and history within it.

One resource that I found to be the most amazing was Google Art and Culture resource. I high recommend exploring it as a family during this time.

Virtual Tours for Kids

Virtual Field Trips for Kid featuring National Zoo, Manatees, White House and Yosemite

Wishing you the very best as we fight this together. Take this time while you’re stuck at home to explore the world virtually and help us work together to fight the spread of the Coronavirus around the world.